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Monday, June 14, 2010

Jesse Jane's Pirate Booty Stroker ~ Review  


My husband has always loved using adult toys on me, but whenever I have asked him if he wanted his own toys the answer has been "No, I prefer the real thing". Well yes, I imagine every man prefers the real thing...but now that he isn't living with me and can't get it when he wants it, well he was practically begging me to get him a toy after a month away.

I was happy to get the Jesse Jane's Pirate Booty Stroker to review from because I wanted something small, that he would be able to easily hide from his room mates. Maybe bunch it up and hide it in his clothes when he comes out of the shower. It measures 7" long and 2 3/4" wide but is very stretchy and could probably fit on just about any size penis. I didn't measure my husband for this review, but after 8 years of swinging we have only met two men who were bigger so I will say that he is not lacking.

She is made out of Cyberskin which is phthalate free, but extremely porous. It feels very much like real skin and has a somewhat strong fruity smell, personally I think it smells pretty good! She is quite detailed, right down to her fingers and eyes, and she has a textured interior for increased pleasure (ribs). You can feel the bumps when you stick your finger inside of her, but as she stretches they seem to get smaller and my husband said he couldn't tell they were there.

One breast is a little higher than the other. It does look a bit strange but it is because her hand is pushing one up.

Using the stroker on him -for me- was a big turn on. Putting aside that she looks like a miniature person, and watching his penis push into her tiny hole was actually pretty sexy. He said it felt really good but hard to describe..better than a hand but not as good as sex which is probably the best you can expect for a male masturbator. I actually pushed it down so his head came out of her mouth so I could lick and suck it and he loved it! I was a bit afraid it would tear though so didn't do this for long; I don't think the mouth is meant for penetration, you can cover her mouth with your finger to create a suction effect...but I kept forgetting to do that so can't say how well it works!

One thing I noticed, is that the material in her back and face seems to be thinner than the rest. I was able to see his penis through the back, and stretching her face out for the through and through penetration made it nearly translucent. He wouldn't let me take a picture...sorry! The bulge of her breasts made it a little hard to figure out the best way to hold her while stroking but I'm sure we will get the hang of it. You can use only water based lube with this toy, and make sure to use plenty for your comfort.

Cleaning her is a bit tedious, use soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner. Simple enough, but when she is dry, you need to dust with cornstarch to prevent the material from becoming sticky.The best method I have seen recommended was to place in a large ziplock bag, toss in the cornstarch and shake. You can also store her in this bag if you wish, but where ever you do decide to store her, make sure she does not come into contact with any other toys. Colored fabrics can also stain the material, and you will want to make sure she isn't getting squished or pressed against any textures because the material can conform into a different shape. I'm keeping her in the box she came in to be safe myself. She can't be sterilized, therefore shouldn't be shared with anyone you are not fluid bonded with unless you use condoms...but honestly I don't know how many guys talk about their sex toys, let alone offer to share them.

Sadly, my husband decided not to take her back with him when he left. Picture it, he said. I'll get up to take a shower and grab the cornstarch. Don't you think anyone will notice? I wondered why he couldn't just take the whole bag in with him, but he said that would be weird too. So she stayed home with me, I don't mind - she is squishy and fun to play with and finger too!

Overall, she is a reasonably priced, fun toy to have if the care routine isn't too much of a bother for you! If you would like to have your own pirate booty, you can check her out at Sex Toys! As a bonus, if you use the code SUMMER at the checkout before June 16th, you will get 20% off your entire purchase!! (Excluding Fleshlight)

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