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Monday, November 22, 2010

Misfit Momma... After Hours! has moved!  


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday #22 ~ Tantus Curve  


I've been torn between the Tantus Curve and Acute for a little while now, but after comparing the reviews and taking some time to think about it I'm leaning towards getting the Curve first. I'd like to try using it for pegging if the Husband will let me, but would also like to use it in my chest harness (Strapped to the chair, of course!).

Now I just wish I knew why is it that when I finally decide on my next item to purchase, it is nearly always sold out?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving to my own .com  


Finally bought my domains, and this blog will be moving to! I'm starting to like this template a little more, but there are still some changes I would like to make to it once I figure out how to (Like adding new spaces for widgets in the template). I do believe my subscribers will need to resubscribe when my site officially moves over. I'll post an announcement a few days before I move so you can check to make sure you are still subscribed.

I also bought a .ca domain for my home party site, once I figure out how to set the site up so that it is  more than just a blank page I'll tell you guys what it is! I've been fiddling around with a site I found called to make my logo, if you know of any other sites to make logos for free I'd love to try them out!

I also wanted to mention, the server my site will be hosted on is crazy cheap - $12 for the year and that includes the domain! The prices I was looking at on most sites were $100+ a year not including the domain renewal. If you give her my link when you fill out her order form, I'll get a small amount of credit towards my next year of hosting so if you decide to sign up please let her know I sent you! Her site is

Friday, November 12, 2010

Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibe  


When I noticed the collection of Death by Orgasm toys on Good Vibration's site I initially wanted the Vampire, but when I saw the Scorpion I forgot my love for all things Vampire and asked for one right away. I'm a Scorpio. I love Halloween and all sorts of other strange and wonderful things... how could I resist?

Not only does the Scorpion come with a fantastic 10 speed waterproof bullet, but it comes with the super stretchy elastomer Scorpion shaped sleeve.  With the coffin shaped tin packaging, this toy is perfect for anyone who loves dark or gothicy things!

The bullet is 2 1/4" long and about 3/4" wide and is powered by 3 watch batteries which are included. Inserting the bullet into the sleeve is a bit of a pain, but the sensations brought on by the Scorpions flickering tongue are well worth the trouble. The bullet can be put in any way you wish, but if you hold down the button for 3 seconds at any time it powers off and I found I did this less often with the button on the tail end. (I love not having to cycle through to turn it off!) The 10 speeds include 3 intensities of steady vibration along with 7 different patterns.

Now, I may just have a twisted imagination, but before using the Scorpion I was hoping I would be able to turn it on and watch it creep around powered by the vibrations on it's wiggly Scorpion legs. Unfortunately, the bullet leaves the Scorpions body rather rounded and comical in appearance... it also stops it from moving about when set down. While this vibrator won't fulfill any creepy crawling Scorpion fetishes, it is still pretty impressive for only $20.

The bullet is a PU coated non porous ABS plastic so clean up is easy with soap & water or sex toy cleaner as long as you make sure to have the battery compartment fully closed. It can be sanitized by wiping it down with alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. The sleeve is elastomer, so can be cleaned with the same method but can't be sanitized. Plastic & Elastomer are both hypoallergenic, phthalate and latex free.

I believe these were a special order for Halloween, and currently the Vampire and Scorpion are the only ones still in stock so if you would like one I would suggest buying before they are sold out if you don't want to wait until next Halloween!

So what do you think?  


I must be boring you guys with all of my random posts lately. I have tons of things that I need get reviewed, but have had a bunch of things stressing me out and everything I sit down to write - nothing happens.

I tried to take a photo for #HNT, and my battery died right when I was taking it so I will have to join in next week. Hopefully I will have a review or two up for you guys before the weekend is over!

I will admit, the design doesn't look as good as I had hoped it would and I will probably change it again soon. It took me all damn day to get this one to be almost how I like it, so hopefully next time I will have a better idea on how to set it up. What do you think of this one?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I lost my blog roll  


I managed to save all my widgets when I put in the new design. All except for my blogroll. I'll be adding the ones I remember once I'm done fixing the template, but if anyone has me on their blogroll and wants to be added please leave your link here!

I need help!  


Yes, I'm redecorating!

I found this free template that I like, but there are a few things I want to change. The first one should be obvious - that red navbar up there needs to go! I want it to be the same color as my header border, but I can't see where to edit the color? Navbar Color Fixed! Thanks Julietta! (almost) Alternatively, I would love a more customizable navbar with drop down menus and subcategories that lead to specific labels instead if anyone knows how to do that!

I also want to make everything wider, so that the entire template actually fills the page. With my posts on the far left (and wider), then the first side bar being extra wide for side x side buttons, and then the next sidebar being a little smaller (300ish). Also fixed, Thanks Julietta!

I'd like to remove the border that appears around my quotes aswell, I thought adding /* in front of the code would do it...but as you can see it didn't. (removed opening tag on this too)

/* Variable name="bordercolor" description="Border Color"
type="color" default="#203040" value="#203040">

One more thing I want to do is add additional footers in the 728px range above the current ones so I can use bigger buttons there as well as one in between my posts/sidebars and the navbar. When I try to put the button I had top and center like I had before, it adds it right into the navbar instead of putting it below?

Eta: After publishing this I found something else that's driving me crazy - I seem to have lost the little button to "Edit Post" from the page, and also lost the handy blogger bar up on top (New Post, Design, Sign out etc). I know a lot of people don't even use that bar, but I did! Got my blogger navbar back, but still missing the Quick Edit Pencil!

Seem to have lost my gray background, I didn't change this piece of code so I don't know why that happened!
Variable name="bgcolor" description="Page Background Color"
type="color" default="#fff"" value="#736F6E">
Changing #fff to #736F6E didn't work, and neither did changing it to a different shade. When I look at the preview in the editor it looks gray, but it is white!

Any ideas? Please?