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Sunday, April 18, 2010

G-Swirl Vibe Review  


Thanks to Good Vibrations, I had the pleasure of reviewing the G-Swirl Vibe by Fun Factory and let me tell you, it WAS a pleasure! The G-Swirl Vibe is one of their best sellers and now I know why!

First, here is the description from the website:

Designed by our staff, the water-resistant G-Swirl takes the classic G-spotter shape and adds sculpted ridges to the curve and along the ridge at the base, which feel great whether you're using it for G-spot or prostate play. Quiet, easy to control (via its ergonomic dial) and as close to perfect as a vibrator can get! 4" long, 1 1/2" in diameter. Uses two AA batteries (included), variable speed. Now available in Black and Raspberry, as well as our classic Blue, Purple, Baby blue, or Candy pink silicone. Volume: 2; Intensity: 3.

I was pretty excited about getting this toy in the mail for two reasons. One, I haven't been able to get a new toy in quite some time, and two I have never played with a G-Spot vibe before! That's right, the G-Swirl is my first experience with a G-Spot vibe!

I anxiously waited and finally the day came! The mailman handed me the very non descriptive box. Even the return address didn't give away what was in the box, which is a quirk I have had with some other companies.
*Note for Canadians: Since I am in Canada the box did have a customs label with the description Massage Equip.. Since it is mandatory for packages crossing the border to have a description of the contents. I am sure that packages delivered within the US would have no description at all.

The G-Swirl is made of 100 % medical grade Silicone and comes in a Blue and orange box, with a window on the front and a magnetic flap that opens on the back with all the information you need about Silicone:

Silicone is :

Non-Toxic and Gentle on the Body
Non-Porous and Non-Absorbent , which leaves no place for dirt or bacteria to hide
Warms up quickly and retains body heat
Odor-less as well as hypoallergenic
Extra durable , flexible , easy to clean, and long lasting

Once you open the two flaps on the back there is also another window so if you were looking at the vibe in the store , you can see both sides of it without removing it from the box.

It also came with a sample of Good Lubrications lube, batteries , and some directions which in my opinion were a little hard to follow because they are in so many different languages. Good Lubrications Lubricant is water based, glycerin and petroleum free.

Even without batteries, it feels a little heavier and bigger that I had guessed it would be from the pictures. It is 4" long (insertable length), with tapering ridges all along the shaft and has a 1.5" diameter at the base. The silicone is very smooth, and has the perfect amount of flexibility to it.

At first I had a hard time figuring out how to open it to put the batteries in , and then I couldn't figure out the right way the batteries were meant to be. After I figured it out it really was quite simple, but I decided to make this video that shows how to do it.

The vibrations can be adjusted with a dial at the base, and range from very mind, to very wild! On the lowest setting it barely makes any noise at all, but on the highest setting the sound really picks up. The dial is very easy to use, but if you want to adjust it in the heat of the moment is it also easy to turn it the wrong way. At first I thought the highest setting would be too intense, but it was nice to start at the lowest, then slowly turn it up. By the time I got to the highest setting I wanted more, more,MORE !

I found the ridges and the slight curve of the shaft to work as a nice clitoral toy for getting warmed up with. The tip is fairly small , making it easy to insert, while the base is large enough to feel good at both the base and the G-Spot. The ridge at the base is unfortunately not quite big enough to use for clitoral stimulation while inserted.

I was able to reach my G-Spot and orgasm quickly several times while using the G-Swirl sitting up , but when I tried to use it laying down I didn't get the same effect. Not sure if this is due to the G-Spot being deeper inside while in this position , or that I was trying to do it with a partner. (Which tends to make it harder for me to reach orgasm) Once I have a chance to try G-Swirl laying down solo , I may add that info here.

The G-Swirl Vibe is safe for anal penetration , which makes it a very versatile vibrator that both men and women can enjoy...and share! Because it is made from silicone and is water resistant , it is very easy to clean simply by using soap and water.

I didn't need to use lubrication, but if you do, it must be a water based lube so that you don't risk damaging the silicone surface.

This vibrator has become a very welcome addition to my collection and I anticipate it getting a lot of future use !

Love it ??? ~ Buy It !

This baby is a Good Vibrations exclusive and right now you can buy it on sale here for $57.99!
Or , if you want the new Green G-Swirl pictured above , it is only $33! Amazing price!

Deal Alert !

If you sign up to their newsletter , you will get $5 off Making this an even sweeter deal for this fabulous toy !

I received the G-Swirl Vibe for review from Good Vibrations. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products. Your opinions and results may differ.

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