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Thursday, July 8, 2010

System JO H2O Anal Warming ~ Review  


I got to try out a few different lubricants from System Jo, and the first one up for review is their Jo H2O Anal Warming. My husband was pretty excited when I told him I had some new lubes to try out, especially when I told him some of them were designed for anal use. As everybody knows, a good lubricant is a must for anal sex!

Jo H2O Anal Warming is a water based lubricant. It's ingredients are Propyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxy, Methyl Cellulose, Acacia Honey type A, Peppermint, Purified Water. I received the 2.5 oz bottle for review, but it is also available in a larger 4.5oz size. It contains no Wax, Oil, or Silicone. The lubricant is also Glycerin free, comes in a hygienically sealed bottle and is safe to use with latex condoms. Since it is Water Based, it is also perfectly safe to use with your silicone toys which is a big bonus for me.

System Jo created their H2O line to have all the benefits of a silicone lubricant and I think they did quite well with this one. It is a little thicker than water, a drop will drip down your skin but it does not drip out of the bottle if it is tipped over. Once the lubricant is smoothed out, it stays in place and lasts quite a long time. The bottle is fairly stiff, with a push-top cap so with my fingers already lubed up was a little hard to get more out when I switched toys since you do need to be able to squeeze the bottle a bit ...but it wasn't difficult enough to really call it a complaint.

It is odorless which is nice, but not quite tasteless - it has a slight peppermint taste, though I can't say it tastes good. While barely noticeable if there is only a thin layer of lube, it becomes pretty bitter if there is a lot. This particular lube is not intended for ingestion, so I didn't see that as a big deal personally but is something to keep in mind if it would bother you.

The lubricant is nice and slippery and didn't leave me feeling sticky, greasy or dry. I only had to use a few drops each time, and did reapply it once the first time trying it out, but the reapplication was probably not completely necessary as I could have added a small amount of water to re-activate it. After using it 4-5 times on my own, and then again with hubby (including switching to several different toys each time) my bottle still looks full so this lube should last a long time.

I originally tried this lube out vaginally, and didn't notice the warming too much but when used anally it felt very warm almost immediately after application. You do not have to blow on it for the warming to take effect, but blowing does increase it. We did successfully use this for anal sex, so my husband was happy and when he is happy - he is slightly less miserable so that was a bonus for me! (That means I was happy too!) It did not leave and residues or stains on my sheets, towel or toys. When play time is over, Jo H2O can easily be cleaned up by using soap and water.

I did not try it out in the shower, but based on how easily it cleaned up I would think it is safe to assume that it would rinse off if used in the water. If you really want to use a water based lube in the shower, try to keep it away from the water stream and you should be fine.

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2 comments: to “ System JO H2O Anal Warming ~ Review

  • July 8, 2010 at 9:20 AM  

    Cool I've got to try that stuff.

    PS I got an award for you-

  • July 8, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

    Sound's like a fun lube to try! I have a few System Jo products that I'm fairly pleased with. I may have to try this one some time soon! Thanks for the review Missy! =)