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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heart 2 Heart cuffs  


The first thing that I noticed about the Heart 2 Heart cuffs is that while they are still made of the same high quality leather as the whip, collar, and the blind fold, they are lacking the cute hearts. I still find them to be sexy with the solid red against black, it also makes them a little more gender neutral in my opinion.

They are 2 3/8" wide, which is only a tiny bit bigger than other cuffs that I own, but since these are leather and not very flexible they seem a bit big on my wrists. The cuffs fasten with a metal buckle and have 7 holes, half an inch apart. They should be able to comfortably fit on wrists from 5"-8" around. My wrists are 6" around and on the third smallest hole they are still a little loose on me, but not loose enough for me to escape.

Each cuff has an attached D ring so that you can easily add a cuff connector or bondage rope to secure their wearer however you please. There are 10 studs holding the two pieces of leather securely together, 8 of these show through on the side that touches your skin but they are not noticeable. The inside of the cuff is not lined but the leather is nice and smooth so it is still comfortable on the skin, although the D ring does make a small protrusion in the leather which could hurt if the cuffs are too tight.

Whether if you are a beginner or more advanced with bondage play, or if you just want to complete an outfit, the Heart 2 Heart cuffs would be a nice addition to any collection. Yes, I said complete an outfit! One of the things that I like the most about these cuffs is that I can wear them out, or even just around the house, and they look good. My husband likes this too, because he can randomly grab me and cuff me to something without taking the time to fasten the buckles!

Now, even though I enjoyed wearing them around I actually found that I prefer the softer Velcro fastening cuffs for rougher play time. Since we are new to restraints, the leather may just be something that I need to get used to. They didn't hurt my wrists, but they still aren't as comfortable as the others.

We haven't been overly rough with them, and they have not shown any wear. I'm sure they would stand up to a lot more than what we have out them through! They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and wiped dry if they happen to get dirty. If you would like your own paid of sexy cuffs you can pick them up at Babeland!

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1 comments: to “ Heart 2 Heart cuffs

  • August 21, 2010 at 6:14 AM  

    Hmmm...combined with the whip could make for a interesting night.