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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pirates Pleasure Ring  


I have had my eye on a few different vibrating cock rings, and since I seem to be loving the whole pirate theme I thought that it would only be fitting to check out the cock ring too. I was hoping I could use it on my dildos so that they could have that little extra kick that my vibrators do. The fact that it could be used on my husband was of course a plus too. Did it work out as well as I hoped? Read on to find out!

It is available in a few different colors, each with their own unique design but I chose the Pirates Black Pleasure Ring so that it would match my black Pirates Pendant. Janine's Pleasure Ring (as named on the box) has a skull on one side, soft little nubs on the other and is topped with a pirates hat. The ring has little nubs around the inside, but once stretched out they really aren't noticeable.

It is made out of super stretchy TPE which is hypoallergenic, phthalate and latex free. TPE is porous, so it can't be sterilized and shouldn't be shared with new partners. Simply saying this cock ring is super stretchy just doesn't cut it. The inside of the ring is about 1" across un-stretched, and can literally stretch big enough to go over my head. Yes, I tried. I promise you, this cock ring will fit on any mans penis, testicles, or both and it will not be too tight.

The removable, vibrating bullet is made out of PU coated plastic. It takes 3 watch batteries batteries (included) and has 5 speeds which all have a decent strength of vibration and are controlled by a single button on the end. The first and second are steady, the third and fourth pulsating, and the fifth is a buzz buzz buzzzz pattern. Each setting is very quiet and the bullet is about 2 1/2" long and 3/4" wide.

So how did it work? On my dildos, it worked great for clitoral stimulation but was better for grinding them into me while enjoying the buzz. The bullet and the area that holds it is so big, and the material is so forgiving that thrusting seemed to make it want to flop around and made it rather distracting. Even though the vibrations are strong, they were not strong enough to travel through to the dildo so I could only feel them when my clit was up against the cock ring. I ran into the same problem when I used it with my husband. The bullet is just too big to not get in the way with thrusting. If you want to just hold it in your hand and use on your clit that works pretty well too.

Not quite perfect, but still not a total dud. If you like grinding with your man or your dildos and would like to add some strong vibrations for your clit the Pirates Pleasure Ring can help you with that. If you want a vibrating cock ring that will work better for thrusting, you might want to check out another one of the many available from! Cock rings are also supposed to restrict blood flow and help keep an erection harder and last longer. We didn't find that was the case with this or any other ring we have tried so far, but the main purpose for us was the vibrations.

The bullet is splash proof, but shouldn't be submerged. I would suggest cleaning it soap and a damp cloth or toy cleaner. The ring can be cleaned under water with a mild soap or toy cleaner. Both silicone and water based lubricants will be safe to use with this toy.

I received this product for review from Adult Sex Toys: Over 8000 Sex Toys and Adult Toys to choose from. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products. Your opinions and results may differ.

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