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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fetish Fantasy Spread-Eagle Sling {Review}  


I have been putting off posting this review while I worked out some kinks I had in using this product. I did eventually get it to work after watching Kevin's video (below) and a small modification. This was actually supposed to be included in my bondage week reviews, little late for that though... I received this and a few other fun things from Pipedream Products to review so keep an eye out for more reviews coming up!

The Fetish Fantasy Series Spread Eagle Sling is absolutely perfect, in theory. The spread eagle position allows for deep penetration and feels great, but it isn't always easy to hold that position for as long as you would like. Like other Fetish Fantasy series products, it comes with a free mask. The box calls it a satin mask, it is soft and comfortable - but it's definitely not satin.

The sling is made up of two nylon straps, with plastic buckles and a nearly 8" long neoprene neck support plus two ankle cuffs. The neck support resembles the padding you would find on a duffle bag and really doesn't offer very much for comfort, but it is better than nothing. The cuffs are made out of the same material as the neck pad and are just under 14" long in total, 8" without counting the Velcro. I didn't measure the straps, but they are long enough that I am pretty sure that there wouldn't be a problem using them no matter what your height (I'm 5ft).

While I was waiting for this sling, I read a couple reviews on it and was looking forward to trying it out. The very night it arrived I strapped the cuffs around my ankles while still fully dressed so I could adjust the length of the straps and have everything just right for when we wanted to use it. I noticed right away that the buckles didn't lock into place on their own and it is absolutely neccessary to hold onto the "tails" that hung from my feet to keep them from coming loose.

That alone wouldn't have been so much of a problem, but the third buckle that stays up near my neck was what caused a nuissance. The strap just slips when I put the least amount of resistance onto it which really defeats the purpose. The only way I could stop it from slipping was to tie a knot so it will stay put. But really? This shouldn't be necessary and the other reviews I read didn't appear to have this problem.

After I tied the knot, using the sling did turn out to be pretty fun. Leaving me spread and exposed for my husband to do as he wished with a few toys from my collection, and of course for intercourse. I found that it is equally possible to hold both tails with just one hand so that I could have a free hand to help him out. My legs still got a bit tired from being held up for so long, but most of the work was on my arms. My neck did not feel strained or sore at all! I did find myself wishing that there were cuffs for my wrists, so I might want to try out the Fetish Fantasy Hogtie Rope next! Overall, the Spread Eagle sling still isn't a favorite item but not a dud either. The Position Master looks to be superior and is definitely on my wishlist as well.

I know this is supposed to be my review, but Kevin summed up the assembly better than I could have in this video so if you are considering buying this sling you should check it out! One mistake that I originally made was that I didn't thread the buckle through the neck strap like how he shows in the video. If you skip that step, you will end up with one very long side and one very short side!

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