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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Vibes Tunnel of Love Masturbation Sleeve {Review}  


It took me a while to convince my husband to use a stroker, and he liked the first one we got but he didn't like the maintenance that it required. He wanted a toy that could jack off with and then be able to clean and store it without any special instructions. I have been shopping around to see what was available in silicone and didn't find very many but then I noticed the Tunnel of Love Sleeve from Good Vibrations and quickly requested it for review.

The Tunnel of Love is pure silicone, so it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate & latex free and is available in 3 different colors - Vanilla, Caramel, and Coffee. Not only is it silicone, these sleeves also have realistic openings and are available as a Vulva or Anus. I would have preferred to review the Vulva version, but since it was sold out I was sent the Anus in a nice coffee color. It came in a blister pack, with an insert that said "Silicone Dildo" which gave me a little chuckle. After asking my husband if he wanted to play with his new dildo and then showing him what I was talking about to end his confusion I took it out of the package to check it out. I am honestly not sure why mine came with the wrong package insert. The package could be used for storage if you put it on top of other things - mine got crushed and I threw it away.

The sleeve is 6 3/4" long with the diameter of the tunnel portion being 2" and the molded anus area is 3" across. The opening un-stretched is 5/8" and the tunnel is open on both ends. The description on Good Vibes says it stretches to 2 1/2", I didn't have anything that big to test out with it but I was able to fit 4 fingers inside once it was lubed up. The seams on mine weren't very tidy and you can see where they cut it out of the mold at the back as well as another spot about an inch inside of the anal opening. The seams don't affect function at all and they can't be felt during use so it is simply a cosmetic thing that could be fixed if it really bothered you and you can't beat the current price of $20. I did ask Mae about the seams, and she said the ones that she looked at in the store were not like this so it might be an isolated thing but I wanted to show what mine looks like.

Many of the reviews left from customers on the product page stated that the Anus was too tight, so I was a little worried about that but it turned out to not be a problem after adding plenty of Water Based Lube (Silicone based lube may damage it, do not use!). From my point of view, putting it on his penis seemed to give quite a bit more resistance than the other masturbation toy we had tried so I was going slow, but my he showed me it was Ok and rammed in down the full length of his penis. Unfortunately it wasn't long before he asked me to use his other toy instead, as he was not enjoying the Tunnel of Love.

I asked him for more details on what it was like and won't share his exact words but he said that while it wasn't too tight, it was too firm. He also said that the ridges felt good, but it was hard to enjoy with it being so firm. Once it is warmed & lubed up it does feel softer, but understandably not as soft as something like cyberskin, and not soft enough for him. Sorry Good Vibes, this one didn't work for us.

The big bonus is that silicone is very easy to clean and care for. A quick wash with a mild soap & warm water or toy cleaner is all it needs for a basic cleaning, and can even be bleached, boiled, or put in the top rack of your dishwasher to sterilize if needed. Remember to only use water based lube, and avoid contact with other toy materials during storage and this very affordable masturbation sleeve can be shared and won't breakdown over time like other materials.

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