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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Sailor Soft Pack  


When my husband was away, one thing that I missed doing was rubbing his flaccid penis through his briefs. To solve this problem, I got myself a packing cock and found that feeling it through my pants excited me in more ways than one.

Rather than a completely flaccid penis, the Sailor Soft Pack from Good Vibrations feels more like a semi- erect penis since it has a firm -yet still flexible- core. It is available in three different shades to match your skin tone; caramel, coffee, and vanilla. It is also available in two different sizes, size 1 which 4" long and size 2 which is 5" long. This packing dildo is made from cyberskin to give it a realistic feel.

Mine arrived in a clamshell package without any insert so until I measured it I wasn't sure which size I had received. Turned out that mine is 4" long so it is size 1. The testicles are shaped so that they will cradle the shaft in order to help it dangle just so, and they are textured to add to the realism. The penis is lightly detailed with veins and a head.

I received the vanilla, and this color works really well for me. I have Mr Limpy, and find that it is way too pink but this one is quite close to my actual skin tone. I tried to wear the soft pack around in my Spareparts Joque harness, and it worked out just fine but the cyberskin did pick up a lot of lint from the black fabric on my harness. In the end I decided it was easier to just stuff it into my panties, but I hope to get another harness specifically to use for packing soon.

The Sailor Soft Pack is quite a bit bigger than my x-small Mr Limpy and if you are looking for a nice, firm bulge this packer will come through. I didn't find it to be awkward or overly noticeable, and it definitely looks real from a bit of a distance. The one thing that the Sailor Soft Pack is lacking in for me is in the detail. Mr Limpy has a much more prominent head, where the Sailor has more subtle detailing and I missed being able to make out the head through my pants while wearing this one. It's almost like Mr Limpy is circumcised and the Sailor is not. It would be hard for me to single out a favorite between the two, and I'm glad that I have both to choose from.

Cyberskin can be cleaned with soap & water, and then dusted with corn starch once dry to keep it from becoming sticky. You should also be careful when storing not to squish it or rest it on a textured or colored surface as it could permanently change it's shape or absorb dye from materials. Contact with other toys can also cause damage, so it is best to store in a plastic bag or the original packaging. If you should feel the need to use lubricant on this toy for some reason, make sure to only use one which is water based.

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