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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need help!  


Yes, I'm redecorating!

I found this free template that I like, but there are a few things I want to change. The first one should be obvious - that red navbar up there needs to go! I want it to be the same color as my header border, but I can't see where to edit the color? Navbar Color Fixed! Thanks Julietta! (almost) Alternatively, I would love a more customizable navbar with drop down menus and subcategories that lead to specific labels instead if anyone knows how to do that!

I also want to make everything wider, so that the entire template actually fills the page. With my posts on the far left (and wider), then the first side bar being extra wide for side x side buttons, and then the next sidebar being a little smaller (300ish). Also fixed, Thanks Julietta!

I'd like to remove the border that appears around my quotes aswell, I thought adding /* in front of the code would do it...but as you can see it didn't. (removed opening tag on this too)

/* Variable name="bordercolor" description="Border Color"
type="color" default="#203040" value="#203040">

One more thing I want to do is add additional footers in the 728px range above the current ones so I can use bigger buttons there as well as one in between my posts/sidebars and the navbar. When I try to put the button I had top and center like I had before, it adds it right into the navbar instead of putting it below?

Eta: After publishing this I found something else that's driving me crazy - I seem to have lost the little button to "Edit Post" from the page, and also lost the handy blogger bar up on top (New Post, Design, Sign out etc). I know a lot of people don't even use that bar, but I did! Got my blogger navbar back, but still missing the Quick Edit Pencil!

Seem to have lost my gray background, I didn't change this piece of code so I don't know why that happened!
Variable name="bgcolor" description="Page Background Color"
type="color" default="#fff"" value="#736F6E">
Changing #fff to #736F6E didn't work, and neither did changing it to a different shade. When I look at the preview in the editor it looks gray, but it is white!

Any ideas? Please?

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1 comments: to “ I need help!

  • November 11, 2010 at 2:52 PM  

    Your red nav bars coding is under


    You'll need to edit #outer-wrapper {width:} along with sidebar-wrapper and main-wrapper to edit the width of your contents.

    It appears from your CSS that you'll also have to mess with body#layout #sidebar-wrapper etc (above) to edit the widths.

    .post blockquote go and put border: 0px; to erase the border.