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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short & Sweet Spice by Evolved Novelties  


I prefer bigger toys for the most part but I find that smaller toys work better for me while sitting up. Especially if i want to treat myself to a quickie in the only room where I can lock myself in, or give my husband a show with the webcam! I have a couple other smaller toys, but the length wasn't the only thing that appealed to me when I saw Spice.

Spice is part of the Short & Sweet collection by Evolved Novelties. There are currently only two toys available in this collection - Sugar & Spice. While both waterproof vibes measure in at 6.75" long with a width of 1.5" and are made with phthalate & latex free,hypoallergenic and extremely smooth opaque TPR - they each have their unique qualities as well.

The three pronged clitoral stimulator on Spice is what really caught my attention when it came to deciding between the two. Sugar is also a dual stimulating vibe, but with a different design. The clitoral stimulator is 3" long and is soft enough that it does not painfully jab into your clitoris while thrusting. The 4" shaft is 1" wide at the tip, and bulges out in the center to the full 1.5" before tapering back to 1" near the base.

All toys from Evolved come with a one year warranty against defects and amazing packaging. Spice comes in their signature tin with a clear acrylic lid and pink accents that is excellent for keeping your toy safe and clean, though if you don't have a lot of space to store your toys you may start running out of room if you love Evolved Novelties as much as I do! Spice's carrying case is 9" long, 3" wide and 2 3/4 deep so it is a little smaller than the other cases, Short & Sweet just like the toy inside.

Spice takes two triple A batteries and is powered by a single button located at the bottom of the toy. There are 3 speeds of constant vibration with two motors - one near the tip of the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator. It is very quiet, and moderately strong - personally I prefer the highest setting, but the lowest is still decent. Each bullet is about 1 1/2 inches long.

A smaller toy also means a smaller handle, and due to the way that I like to hold my toys it was a little tough figuring out how to hold it without accidently pressing the button. Even when I did get a good grip, I would forget during play and move my hand back to a more natural position and have pressed that button just about every time I used this toy. Obviously this can be very frustrating, especially when it is turned off due to pressing the button when the toy is already on the highest setting!

Despite the annoyance of the controls, Spice seems to be the perfect size for me to use while sitting down and the positive points outweigh that one negative. With the shaft inserted, the middle prong rests directly on my clit while the two outside prongs surround it. The vibrations travel really well into the prongs and feel wonderful, yet at the same time are too subtle to bring me to orgasm on their own. Thankfully the TPR is very, very flexible and even though this vibe does not have a curve for G-Spot stimulation it is possible if you hold it right and use your pc muscles to your benefit.

Another nice trick I had fun with while playing with Spice, was that if I put it into place while standing I could keep it there by pressing my legs together. (I have big legs, so you skinny legged gals may not be able to do this!) This was mainly reserved for hands free shower play since I have kids and can't walk around naked whenever I feel like doing so - but washing your hair while hands free masturbating = multi-tasking for the time deprived!

Spice is easy to clean using soap & water or sex toy cleaner, as long as the battery compartment is closed tightly it is completely waterproof and can safely be submerged. Keep in mind that TPR is slightly porous and cannot be sterilized so I would not recommend sharing your new toy with someone you are not fluid bonded with. Using a condom on the shaft is possible, but the clitoral stimulator would still be left exposed and could potentially spread germs if shared between partners. You can use either water or silicone based lubricants, I tried both System Jo's H2O and Silicone formulas and preferred the H2O but the silicone was great for using in the shower.

Overall, I really like this little toy. It gets the job done, and it does it quickly - Sugar is still on my wishlist, just because I like to change things up but I can see Spice as being my go-to-quickie vibe for a while! This would be a great choice for anyone looking for a rabbit style vibrator that does not have an intimidating size or complicated controls. I chose purple, but both Sugar & Spice are also available in pink.

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