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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vibrating Dialator Set ~ Review  


Anal sex is an area we have been having trouble with. Watching it, talking about it, fantasizing about it..are all big turn ons for me. But my man is quite a bit bigger than the toys I have enjoyed using anally and I always end up getting nervous and tighten up when it comes down to us actually trying. Not that we have never done it, but it is rare and I am hoping I can change that!

He has tried begging, he has tried bribing, he has tried WITHHOLDING all other sex! I am nearly as desperate for it as he is and when I saw these I knew I had to give them a go, even though hard plastic toys are normally not my thing. These are intended to be more of an aid rather than regular toys so I put the fact that they were plastic aside and waited for my mail to arrive.

A dilator set is not only used for anal, these can also be used vaginally to help your pelvic muscles relax if you are experiencing pain due to a medical condition, childbirth, anxiety, or for any other reason. The Vibrating Dilator Set is made by The Berman Institute and comes in a nice purple box with a velcro flap that opens to show you pictures and some instructions on how to use and care for your dilators. It is advertised as purple...but whoever labelled it as purple must not be seeing very clearly because even in the stock photos you can clearly see that it is pink.

The set comes with 3 attachments, each one a little bigger than the last. The smallest (attached to the handle) measures 3.5" long & 3/4" thick , the second one is 4 1/4" long & 1" thick, the third one is 5.5" long & 1 1/4" thick, and the largest one is 6 1/4" long & 1 3/4" thick. The handle is 4" long so add this to the measurements to get the total length. It comes with a clear bumpy "silicone" sleeve that fits over the larger sizes. I found that the three smaller sizes were reasonable to work with and smooth to insert since there are no seams. The largest attachment however, while it is the same size as a few other toys I have is still quite daunting and I will admit that I have not tried using it. It also includes a "designer pouch" which is really just a very large (17.5" long & 10" across) organza bag with a drawstring top. I am honestly not sure why the bag is so big, you could probably easily fit 3 or 4 dilator sets into it!

ABS plastic, as expected is very firm and does not offer any flexibility at all. Each of the attachments is tapered somewhat at the tip but keep in mind that since they are not pliable the above measurements seem bigger than they really are. Plastic does have it's good qualities since it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, phthalate and latex free and is safe to use with silicone,water, or oil based lubricants. The included clear sleeve is stated on the box to be silicone, but Good Vibes lists it on their site as a silicone blend which is slightly porous. I am going to throw a guess that this means it is TPE, since I couldn't find any information on it. TPE is also hypoallergenic, phthalate & latex free but cannot be sterilized so if you plan to share this sleeve or use it anally you should use a condom on it. Silicone or water based lubes can be used on this sleeve as well (not oil based).

It takes 2 double A batteries, which fit inside of a clear plastic sleeve that slides into the bottom. You adjust the intensity by turning the dial on the base, and there are no patterns. The vibrations are buzzy, strong, and loud but they did help me relax and made insertion of the stiff plastic more pleasurable. The silicone sleeve helps dull the vibrations to a certain extent, but make sure to put lube inside of it because it will create a suction and be very hard to remove if you don't.

When I say more pleasurable, I mean just that. Like I said above, these are an aid and even with the vibrations were really not all that pleasurable for me to use. If you have already tried and enjoyed a rigid vibrator, you may like the versatility of this one but if you are like me and prefer flexible sex toys, Good Vibrations has a nice selection to choose from! Overall, this is a good quality dilator if you need something to help your muscles adjust...and they did help us out when my husband was here last week, but I will be continuing my search for something made from silicone or another more pliable material.

The Dilator set is waterproof, so can be cleaned under warm water with soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner and sterilized with a 10% bleach solution or with alcohol. Make sure the battery compartment is tightly closed while cleaning so that it keeps it's seal. I held it underwater and let it float around for a little while and no water got inside so it is confirmed 100% waterproof. The silicone sleeve can be cleaned in the same manner, but not sterilized.

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