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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Dare You ~ Review  


I know, I know. The review is supposed to come first, and then the giveaway right? Well, sometimes I like to break the rules! I'm going to be honest, I decided to review these because I thought they would look nice in an art journal. My idea is that each time we use a card, I will make a page in my journal with the card and fill up the rest of the page with things that represent the answer or actions of the card.

Since the game doesn't come with any actual directions, leaving it up to your imagination - I suppose making a journal is Ok. It will look lovely next to the beautiful box the cards came in - The box ties with a ribbon and once it is empty, will make a nice storage for condoms or any other small things you would like to keep in it!

Each of the 30 cards in the I Dare You set is individually sealed in a nice little envelope, which unfortunately doesn't stay so nice after opening it but it isn't completely destroyed. I plan to use the envelopes in my journal somehow too, even if they just make up the page background. The back of the Dare cards are purple and the "Tell Me" cards are red so once they are out of their envelopes you can easily tell them apart at a glance.

I don't even remember how long I have had this notebook for, but it matches so nicely I thought it would be the perfect book to use for my journal. You definately don't have to be an artist or do anything fancy to make your own art journal, and I figured it was more of a keepsake use for the cards rather than just playing with them once and forgetting them in the drawer. You can make one journal page a day, one a week, or just whenever it strikes your fancy.

For example, one of the Dare cards that I opened was to put on an outfit that can be cut off, piece by piece with scissors. You could make an interesting journal page with bits of fabric, and maybe even a before & after photo. One of the "Tell Me" cards asks for a fantasy you would act out at a moment's notice, no questions asked. You could add a photo, drawing, or even write about the fantasy on this page.

I hope somebody likes my idea, but if making a journal isn't your thing you can always check out the rest of the excellent selection of adult toys and games that Good Vibrations has to offer!

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