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Friday, October 8, 2010

ClassiX Silicone Snatch  


I had originally been interested in this item because my husband wanted something he could use without the maintenance required with materials like cyberskin. First off, the Silicone Snatch by ClassiX is not really silicone. I suppose for the low price I should have guessed that, I am told it is a "silicone blend". It is soft and squishy and does have an odor that reminded me of cyberskin, but I believe it is TPE. For our purposes it did not matter to me that it was not pure silicone, TPE is still Hypoallergenic, Phthalate and latex free. I have several other toys made with this material and I personally have nothing against it.

When examining the Silicone Snatch I noticed right away how small the entry hole was. At first I thought it was sealed as though it was supposed to feel like a virgin but with some lube I was able to get a finger in and see that I was wrong. When it is new the hole is so small you can't even see it! The inside is lined with ridges along the entire length which are around 1/4" apart. The toy is only about 3.5" long long with a girth of about 1.5". It is stretchy enough that it should be able to accommodate any size of penis but those on the larger side may want to find something else, read on to see why.

With plenty of water based lube we still struggled to get this snatch on my husbands penis. There was no way he was going to penetrate that thing just by pushing it down onto his shaft. He ended up having to pull the hole open with his fingers to maneuver it on while I held his penis upright. I can't see how someone could do this solo as it took us a few tries to get it using both of our hands. Once it was on, and both of our hands were lubed up we had to be careful not to let go. If you are only using it so that you can sling shot it across the room then by all means, let go! Otherwise, keep your grip as tight as possible - Not always easy with lube.

He said it did feel good, but complained that because of the short length he could only use it to stimulate either his shaft or his head; but not both. It was a good length to allow me to suck on his head, but was less stimulating on just the shaft. The box claims that it is perfect for beginners, which it may very well be due to the price, but the experience could be discouraging to a beginner if it doesn't work out as they hoped.

When we were done playing my husband commented that one of our buddies might be able to appreciate this toy more, but I took a look at it and saw that the entry hole that was once so tiny was now torn. This being after it's first use I really can't recommend this product to anyone unless you are just looking for something to give as a gag gift or a compact addition to your jack off session that won't leave you feeling like you broke the bank when you toss it.

The Silicone Snatch is a Pipedream Products Exclusive, but they also carry quite a few other masturbators & pumps if you don't think this one would be right for you. If you do decide on the Silicone Snatch, you should clean it with soap & water or toy cleaner before and after each use but avoid sharing with those you aren't fluid bonded with as TPE is slightly porous.

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