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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keep it Clean Foaming Toy Wash {Review}  


PinkCherry Sex Toys

Since I recently got a new storage system for my toys, I thought it would also be a great time to give them all a good cleaning. I rarely share my toys and don't have a dishwasher. Boiling or bleaching works great, but I usually don't bother unless it is absolutely necessary. Having a quick and easy way to clean my toys for the past few weeks has been perfect for a lazy busy sex toy addict like me!

The process is pretty straight forward, spray some foam onto a cloth and wipe the surface of your toy (I spray it right onto the toy). Rinse your toy off in water, being careful not to get the battery compartment wet if it is not a waterproof toy. Wet Keep it Clean Foaming Toy Wash is the only foaming antibacterial toy cleaner and it is Alcohol, Oil, Silicone, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine Free. It doesn't irritate the skin or leave any greasy residues behind. Please make sure the material of your toy is compatible with toy cleaner before using.

I normally clean my toys at the sink, but for the purposes of being able to take photos without having to clean my counters under better lighting, I decided to use containers at the table. I suppose I could have skipped the soapy bath since it only added an extra step, but they all needed a good cleaning anyway.


Now, you might be wondering how this is any different from regular foaming Anti-Bacterial hand soap or sanitizer. Without having any hand sanitizer to compare ingredients, I am going to say that essentially it isn't any different but I will tell you why it is a great product to have...especially if you have a house full of kids like I do. I can hardly keep the kids away from the bubbles in the sink when I am doing dishes, what do you think they did the last time I had foaming hand cleaner? They think it is fun, use an insane amount of it each day, and before I know what's happened - it's all gone. It's great that they were keeping their hands clean, but doesn't help me when I want to use it. The best part about having a cleaner dedicated to my toys is that they won't touch it!

I left it on the bathroom counter, and when my son saw it he knew right away what it was for and wanted nothing to do with it and made sure to spread the word to the other kids too. So it's mine, all mine! You can get your own 7.5oz bottle from or (and sex toys too!)

All clean!

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