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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My new Toy Box  


I finally have a toy box... or drawers or... I guess you could say it is a big box. Wanna see whats inside?

Harnesses and restraints...

I got these drawers to review on my other blog, I won't be including these photos over there but since I know you guys love sex toys I just had to share! I wasn't able to fit all of my toys in here so some are still in my dresser but it does fit a lot.

Rechargeables and Dildos in bags...
including my recently purchased Lelo Gigi!

The only thing that will make it better is some of those drawer organizer trays you would normally use in the kitchen to keep everything separated. I might get some of those next. Would love some more satin bags too!

Lovely Evolved Novelties, with boxes that are too nice not to use...
plus a couple of other goodies

More Dildos and Anal toys {I moved some things around in between taking these two photos and some things are pictured twice by accident!}

I still want to get one (or some) of those locking toy boxes, but this is good for now and it's only $30! See my full review here.

I hadn't updated my list for a while, I'm sure there are probably more that I forgot to add too! Next will be to organize it so it will be easier to read, but if your interested go check out My Toy Box to see what else I have!

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