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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Medium Pop Plug  


Another wishlist item fulfilled! Well, partially...I still need to get the small and the large but I'm very happy with the medium and will definitely be adding them to my collection. The packaging isn't anything special, but I did find it to be cute and tasteful. It could be used for storage if you wanted to, but the plug is so small that it is easier for me to just toss it in my drawer and rinse clean before using.

If you remember my review on the Anal Explorers, I had wished for a similar yet larger set and I think the Pop Plugs are a good next step. The white plugs in my photo which are sold at a different store are identical in style and size, but the Pop Plug seem to posses a higher quality which is probably why it is higher priced. Both have a visually noticeable seam all the way around, but the seam on the Pop Plug can't be felt as much as the seam on the white plugs can. The texture of the Pop Plug is also more velvety and overall is just much more desirable to me. In fact, I haven't even used the white ones yet because of this.

For the record, the Pop Plugs are made by Doc Johnson, and the white plugs are made by Orion.

The medium Pop Plug is 4" long and 1.1" at its widest. Only 2 1/4" of the length is insertable. The tip starts out very small and I was able to use this plug without using any other toys to work up to it, but if you think you need to start with something smaller I would personally recommend the Anal Explorers or you can check out the many Anal Starter Toys available from I love the stubby length of this plug since the length of anal toys is what has given me discomfort in the past.

I don't know if I would be brave enough to leave the house with the plug inserted, but I was able to walk around the house and sit down without any problems. The plug didn't try to pop out on it's own, but for the more advanced user it might. The base wasn't noticeable between my cheeks and the little handle wasn't noticeable through my jeans.

Pop Plugs are made out of a lovely smooth and velvety silicone which is much like the silicone that I liked with the Anal Explorers. Silicone is excellent for butt plugs because it's totally body safe being hypoallergenic, non-porous, phthalate and latex free. It is also very easy to clean and care for just by washing it in soap & water or sex toy cleaner and can also be shared & sterilized by bleaching, boiling, or running through the top rack of the dishwasher without detergent. Make sure to only use water based lube when you are playing with a silicone toy.

Unfortunately, doesn't have the small or large Pop Plugs in stock but they do have plenty of other great sex toys to choose from and as a huge benefit to myself and my fellow Canadian readers - shipping from within Canada! US shoppers can check out

PinkCherry Sex Toys

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