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Friday, October 22, 2010

Toy with me is giving away a LELO INA!!  


Ok so I've given up posting about contests for the last little while, but I couldn't hold back on this one. It's for a freaking LELO INA and I really want to win!!

This giveaway is being run a little different that the usual, and whoever gets the most votes -or "thumbs up"- on their comment is the winner.

Anyone want to help me win? Please vote for my comment by clicking the Thumbs up sign next to it here - My comment is on page 2, it's the one from Missy that says "Selfish Minute Man"

It's super easy to enter - leave a comment with three words explaining why you need to win! If you vote for me and are entering as well, let me know here and I will vote for you too!

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