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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My first sex toy(s)  


Now that I have (finally) completed reviews on my first toys, I thought I would share a little bit on my experience in buying them!

I suppose I should feel lucky that when I bought my first sex toys I was too shy to go into an actual store. I searched online for a Canadian store and requested a catalog for one of the shops I found. I was 19 and my husband had just got his first credit card so of course I had to shop for something!

Other than the fact that I had a brand new credit card to work with, we were fairly poor at the time so I carefully looked through the catalog and picked out a few toys that I really wanted to have. It was hard for me because I try not to spend money on non-essential things, but my husband pushed me and gave me the go ahead to spend however much I wanted. He is the complete opposite of me in this aspect, and is all about impulse buys.

It didn't take me long to decide that I would buy silicone toys. I knew I wanted an anal toy, and frugal minded me didn't think about getting a few different sizes. I went for the best and picked out Tantus' Flirt. I also wanted something that would be fun for foreplay, maybe even dual penetration and picked out the Compact, also by Tantus. When I saw Scorpio, the price left me debating it for a few days but in the end I decided I wanted it. Scorpio is my sign, the vibe would look great on my shelf (Have still not been able to display it on my shelf due to my kids but, one day right?). I also picked out a bullet vibe from a suggestion on using them along with silicone dildos, and since I got the bullet I couldn't resist getting a cute bunny sleeve that promised to flick my clit with it's ears to go over it.

Considering that I have had these toys for around 7 years now, the silicone toys still look brand new. Tantus premium silicone is excellent quality, and I do believe their statement of them lasting a lifetime with proper care. The bullet and the bunny, they were wonderful. They were my favorite toy for quite a while! About 3 years ago my kids discovered them in my drawer and thought it was a funny toy, they would turn it on and it would dance. It went missing, and they eventually confessed to breaking it and hiding it in the garbage. Oh my poor bunny, of course they didn't know I could have saved the bunny and tossed the bullet.

I don't love the Scorpio, but the quality is there. The shape that makes it so wonderful to look at turned out to be not so wonderful inside me and he is basically a display piece, that has yet to be displayed. Mine did come with a flaw, which I know now is a flaw but at the time it didn't occur to me that I might have been able to exchange it. I did get water inside the battery compartment while washing it, but I was able to clean it up and it still works. Other than that it is still in excellent condition, and you probably wouldn't guess at how long I have had it without me telling you. Fun Factory's silicone is also of excellent quality, although it is a completely different texture from Tantus'.

Once I finally got the courage to go shopping in a local store, I walked out with the Xtra Sweet Double Dong. It wasn't the last time I went into the store, but it was the last time I bought something because the toy they sold me burned me, smelled bad and overall is just not a toy I would recommend unless you absolutely must have an 18" purple dildo. If it had been my first toy purchase, it could very well have been the last which is why I am lucky that I was too shy to go to the store, before shopping online. Tantus and Fun Factory both make wonderful toys that are perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. If you are shopping for your first sex toy, or if your first toy was a FAIL. Get yourself a quality silicone toy and you won't regret it.

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